New type of batteries which could give us radically more power

Technology is advancing, but one of the things that are still holding us back are batteries. Whether it is batteries in smartphones, watches, or even cars, it drains out pretty quickly, more than what we would like. However, it seems that there is a new breakthrough in technology that could extend the life of these things by 30%.

These new types of batteries are lithium-silicon based. Soon they will go into production and eventually we are going to start seeing them in our regular day-to-day use devices if all things go well. In fact, companies like BMW, Intel, and Qualcomm are backing up the development of these batteries.

So how is it able to provide more power? Well to put it in simple terms, one of the components of batteries are anodes, which are silicon-based. They hold more power than its graphite counterpart but are short-lived in practical applications. So, Sila Technologies, the company behind this, has made batteries with both silicon and graphene nanoparticles. With this different approach, the new batteries can hold 20%-40% more power capacity than today’s lithium-ions.

The world of batteries is a big one, as more and more people are buying smartphones which require a durable and long-lasting battery, and car companies are moving towards electric-vehicles, where the majority of them ONLY run on batteries.

One of Sila’s competitors, Enovix, is also working on extending a battery’s energy, and it has stated that with its technique, it can increase the energy capacity by 50%.

A minor thing to note is that one of the companies that is in an investment partnership with Sila is Amperex. For those who do not know, Amperex is the battery supplier for Apple and Samsung. If all things go well, soon in just a few years, we could see the next significant bump in battery life of our smartphones.


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