Apple’s March 27th event predictions

Apple has announced an event for March 27th, and its focus is on education and helping the teachers and students. The event will be held at Chicago, at Lane Tech College Prep High School, an unusual venue for Apple. Nothing much as known, except for the tagline “Let’s take a field trip.”

With the event that is less than ten days away, let’s list some predictions for the event and what Apple could show off. Some are obvious, while some more unusual.

Low-priced MacBook

Macbooks are expensive. They are considered a high-end premium product that is out of budget for some people, especially students that are still in high school. You can pick up a used model that is a few years old, but even then it is going to cost you a few thousand dollars. However multiple reports have come out recently that Apple wants to introduce a lower-priced MacBook that will start from $699-$799. It makes sense that Apple would announce this because there is a big market that doesn’t spend much money on laptops, and a less expensive option at that price point could be tempting to many people. Moreover, obviously, it will be more affordable for schools and students around the country.


A prediction to go off the previous one, maybe Apple could release this MacBook in multiple colors apart from your standard Silver, Grey, Rose Gold, etc. Last time when Apple had introduced a less expensive version of their flagship product was with the iPhone 5C. Moreover, iPhone 5C was the first and only iPhone to be available in vibrant colors. The chances of this happening are very slim, but there’s nothing wrong in dreaming.

iPhone SE 2

Speaking of phones, would it be too crazy to announce the iPhone SE 2? The iPhone SE is a revision of the iPhone 6S models with lower specs and a more minimized body, aimed to attract those who liked the size of the iPhone 4S. Naturally, the SE was cheaper than other iPhones, and we have not seen a refresh yet. Considering that the point of this event is to introduce cost-cutting products to appeal to a new market, announcing a new version of your relatively cheap iPhone line does not sound bad. If Apple waits until September to announce it, there’s a high probability that it might get overshadowed by the three other iPhone models rumored to come.


Low-priced iPad

Apple’s iPad has been slowly fading away from the spotlight as the craze for tablets has gone down a lot. With an increase in power of your smartphone and the portability of your laptop, tablets have become obsolete. However, a low priced iPad could be the solution to revive the market. These can be aimed at schools which are looking towards getting technology for their classrooms which can be leased out to every student. Not only that, but a $250 tablet can be great for kids who are too young to use a laptop, and cannot be trusted with your $500 massive iPad Pro.


On top of that prediction, Apple might also announce an official keyboard which can be used with the iPad. Since Macbooks can get expensive, especially if a school is trying to get one for each student, pairing an iPad with a keyboard sounds like a great cheaper alternative. Also, it can serve as every kid’s first “laptop.” We have seen Microsoft do something similar with the Surface, so Apple is not trying out anything new. Plus this will make sure that sales from the iPad or Macbooks do not cannibalize each other.

Apple Pencil 2

Since the logo seems like its drawn with a pencil, I speculate that Apple will for sure announce the sequel to its Apple Pencil. With a new iPad being at the event, an Apple Pencil can be a great accessory to accompany that and increase productivity. We have not seen much changes since it came out. The new Apple Pencil could see revisions such as its battery life and maybe could come in two different sizes. One size could be the regular one we have seen before, while the other could be a smaller pencil designed for the school environment and kids.



These are some various predictions that could go either way, who knows. One prediction is that we are going to see some brand new apps, as well as look at some revisions on current apps. The notes app could see new features to increase productivity, the news app can be improved to do more with each story, and the calculator app can be made smarter to do more functions. However, Apple might bundle these changes with iOS 12 in June.

Apple might also introduce new STEM programs to help schools, and one of the things that might do is create a leasing program for schools. Currently, there is a program where schools can go ahead and enroll in Apple products, but Apple might improve it and add new incentives for institutions to choose Apple over Google or Microsoft.

Finally, we are going to see the release date for iOS 11.3 Maybe Apple could go one step ahead and release iOS 11.3 on the day of the presentation, but if not, there will be a release date soon. April is around the corner, and iOS 12 is expected to be announced in the June event. This only gives Apple two months before they have to divert their marketing focus on iOS 12.


These are our predictions for the Apple event. We should not expect anything spectacular as Apple likes to save the big stuff for June and September. Still, many new announcements are going to be made, and the event is set for March 27th.

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