The Nebula Capsule, a portable projector and Bluetooth speaker that raised over $1.2 Million in public funding

Anker is known as the company that makes the most excellent accessories for your smartphones. These things include cables, chargers, battery packs, and more. However, now it is expanding its company by releasing products outside of their typical niche. The newest product to grace the internet is the Nebula Capsule.


The Nebula Capsule is a portable projector with fantastic picture quality and builds quality. It is Android-based and can even double as a Bluetooth speaker, talk about multitasking! It is the smaller version of the Nebula Mars projector. The Mars is supposed to serve as a home projector whereas this can be carried with you anywhere you want and can be used at any time, such as a party or even a pre-game.


Talking about the technical details, the max picture image size is up to 100 inches in diameter with 100 ANSI lumens of brightness. It is roughly the size of a soda can so it is very easy to handle. The battery life on this is four hours of video playback, which is enough for a movie or two, or a few episodes of Stranger Things. Its native resolution is 854 x 480; meaning it is not intended to replace your current living room TVs. It also features a 360-degree speaker base for the best sound clarity. It is not on the level of a HomePod or Alexa, but its decent for what it comes in.

The Nebula Capsule also comes with built-in apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more. You do not require your smartphone or a laptop to stream your favorite content, it all can be done through the Capsule. There are buttons on that offer multiple functionalities such as turning on/off the device, adjusting the volume, and switching between the speaker or projector mode. To correct the focus on the device, there is a knob on the side of the device which you can rotate to get it just right according to your preference.

Black detailed.jpg

The Nebula Capsule is an exciting product for what it packs into such a small design mold. It offers multiple different functionalities depending on what you need and works well at the price of $350 on Amazon. While it may not rival any smart speakers that are currently on the market, it most certainly can go after the portable projector market with its premium offerings.

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