Galaxy S10 might look into iPhone’s Face ID tech

The Galaxy S9 has just released, but reports are already coming in about the features that could happen in the S10 if that is even its final name. According to this article, Samsung is working with Mantis Vision to integrate a 3D sensing camera in the Galaxy S phones, similar to what the iPhone X has in its infamous notch.

Currently, the S9 does not have something like this, which means it is not as secure when it comes to device unlocking. The only thing it has is Intelligent Scan, which uses your Iris for all security verification. Not only that, but the AR emoji is terrible because of lack of a 3D camera technology.

The 3D camera adds a lot of new features. In the iPhone X, it uses infrared dots (30,000 to be exact) to create a 3D model of the user’s face. This model can then be used to unlock the phone and verify mobile payments. It is much more secure than what Samsung currently has implemented in their Galaxy devices.

If this technology makes its way to Samsung’s devices, then we can see improvements in facial unlock, and the AR apps. This will put it on the same level as the Apple iPhone and bridge a gap in security and cameras. However, currently, as it stands, Samsung is behind Apple in this department.

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