Deep Music creates music on Alexa by using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing many things, and one of the newest things it can do on the Amazon Alexa, is make original music.

Its a new skill that you can get on any of your Echo speakers called Deep Music.

“DeepMusic is an Alexa skill that enables you to listen to songs generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Each song was composed entirely using AI. The songs were generated using a collection of audio samples and a deep recurrent neural network. There has been no post-production editing by a human,” Amazon store description

The artificial intelligence was makes its own artwork that is displayed on Echo Show and Echo Spot speakers. The music certainly isn’t at a level to replace human compositions, as it still sounds like it was computer generated.

After the skill has been enabled, you can say the following voice command to activate it –

  • Alexa, tell DeepMusic to play audio
  • Alexa, ask DeepMusic to start music
  • Alexa, open DeepMusic

Deep Music works pretty well, and the music that can be created is very relaxing at times. It shows the capabilities of machine learning, putting the Amazon smart speakers one step ahead of the competition. Though this won’t replace the current music that we have, it can offer a unique alternative if you are bored and want to try something new.

Maybe in the future, as the technology gets better, Deep Music would be able to also come with up lyrics to accompany the song and produce the various piece of arts depending on the genre.

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