No in-display fingerprint for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s next smartphone release is going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 later in the year, and rumors and reports have started coming out leaking the features of the phone. According to the latest report from AppleInsider, Samsung is no longer pursuing an in-display fingerprint for the Note 9.

With so many phones trying to go bezel-less with their displays, the fingerprint scanner is turning into an issue for many companies. Majority of the companies have moved it to the back of the device, like the Google Pixel, while Apple’s iPhone X has gotten rid of it entirely. Naturally, the solution that all manufacturers are striving towards is integrating the fingerprint scanner inside the display.

Samsung is skipping this feature because of the problems it is reportedly facing with the power consumption of the feature and its accuracy with a screen protector.

Initially, there was speculation that Samsung was looking to bring this feature to the Galaxy S9, but Samsung decided to go with a similar design with the S8. So far, Vivo is the only company which has shown the in-display fingerprint technology on a phone. The phone, X20 Plus UD, was shown at the CES 2018 and will be released later this year. It works by flashing a light on your finger by using the device’s display and then unlocks it based on the data. Its speed is remarkable, however, a bit slower than the scanners on the iPhones. However there is no doubt that the technology will improve as the years go by, and many more companies will adopt it.

Who knows, maybe the technology could eventually come to the rumored Samsung Galaxy X, or later in the Note 10.

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