Bose AR, a platform from Bose focusing on sound

Bose, the renowned speaker and headphones company, has announced an initiative to push a focus on audio, with its new Bose AR. Bose AR is a new technology with thin acoustics package that can integrate into many objects such as headphones, helmets, and more. Moreover, its first device to show off the initiative is a pair of smart glasses with integrated headphones.

“Unlike other augmented reality products and platforms, Bose AR doesn’t change what you see, but knows what you’re looking at — without an integrated lens or phone camera, and rather than superimposing visual objects on the real world, Bose AR adds an audible layer of information and experiences, making every day better, easier, more meaningful, and more productive” – Bose

The company has significant ambitions to change augmented reality for its users. It said its devices would also use sensors to track head motions and gesture controls.


Bose has provided many examples of real-life applications, such as looking at statues and landmarks and having information and speeches play in your ears. With the integration of visual data, its also possible that you could see a sign and have Bose AR translate it for you to hear in your ears, or look outside and automatically get a weather report.

Bose has stated that the glasses will not be available publicly for consumers to buy but instead will be used as a demo product for developers and manufacturers. The company has said that it has also set up a fund of $50 million to invest in companies that build around Bose AR. This initiative will surely separate Bose from its competitors in the same field. Could it even rival Apple’s AirPods which are rumored to be getting new sound features?


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