Loomo Segway, part hover board, part robot

There are plenty of people who had tried a hoverboard before, after all, it was THE big thing back in 2016. Those things sure are fun and fresh looking. However, in just a short time, people forgot about them and moved, after all now we do not see anyone with those on the streets anymore. Moreover, it did not help that articles were going around warning users about the possibility of blowing up.

However, now a new company wants to release its version of a hoverboard, which happens to do a lot more than just move you around. The Loomo.

Loomo is a Segway that can transport around you, pretty straightforward. However, with a press of a button, it can turn into a robot. The robot has a head which rotates around from its side to face you, and then it can do many things such as follow you around or record videos. It works in conjunction with a smartphone app, which then can also be used to control the robot and drive it around.

It has an Intel RealSense sensor which powers the robot’s functionality to detect you and follow you, even if you are not facing the robot. Voice recognition also plays a factor in this robot. If you say “Ok Robot,” it starts listening to you, and when you say “Let’s go,” it will find you, go up to you, turn into a position when you can step on it and go.

The device seems like a fun novelty at this time without any real use application scenarios and could have the same fate as the hoverboard companies. It could be known as just a robot that can carry stuff for you from place to place. Nevertheless, it still looks unique and can catch people’s attention if you take it on the street. People who have tried out the Loomo have said that the ride is much smoother than one of a hoverboard.

Currently, the company is running a campaign for the project on IndieGoGo, and it has already raised over $100,000. It aims to launch at a price of $1,299.


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