Apple may release a cheaper version of the HomePod this year after the low sales of the original

Apple’s HomePod is rumored to be getting a refresh at a new price point ranging anywhere from $150-$200. It will be smaller in size and will be stripped away of some features according to recent reports.

Apple had just recently launched its first smart speaker however it was met with heavy criticism due to the lack of capabilities that Siri could offer. Though it was one of the best sound quality in a speaker, most people are still interested in Google Home or Amazon Alexa. It is clear that Apple has catching up to do.

The cheaper version will only focus on one part of the smart speaker. Apple could either strip away its sound quality and opt for cheaper parts and focus only on voice controls, or it can entirely get rid of voice features and go in for an all over the top quality speaker. Either way, to reach a lower price, Apple has to make a compromise.

The design will still resemble the current version of the HomePod, with the only notable difference in the size.

With this new version, Apple might fix the problem of HomePod leaving stains on wooden surfaces. And it could offer more color options to buyers, such as a Gold version.

The report doesn’t go into anymore specifics, and Apple hasn’t commented on these reports yet.

Based on recent rumors, it seems Apple wants to introduce new products at a lower price point to reach out to new consumers. This strategy makes sense as currently majority of Apple’s devices are priced at a higher price point than its competitors. Apple is also rumored to release a new MacBook for $800, a cheaper LCD iPhone later in 2018.

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