Nintendo Labo may have the potential to change STEM education for kids

Nintendo, the video-game giant, is having one its best sales year as a company. With the success of the Nintendo Switch and record-breaking downloads of its mobile games, all eyes are on the company for its next significant innovation.

So it seem that Nintendo has already exceeded our expectations with its latest upcoming product, Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is DIY craft kits for kids to build and play with. It works in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch as the console is utilized to power the arts and crafts structure. The idea is neat and shifts the focus from just playing video games. It promotes critical thinking and analysis for the kids to work through.

Now, though Nintendo is targeting this at kids, there is no doubt that a lot of adults will be picking this up for themselves too, because it just looks too fun.

Recently a lot of schools have placed a focus on STEM education. STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering, maths. It is a new general topic that many school are adapting as a part of their curriculum. With the growing influence of technology around us, it only makes sense to promote it so that the kids can get an early grasp on it. However, keeping an on-going interest for the kids in this subject is a real challenge. STEM learning is quite different than your typical math or science class as it uses hands on learning to build projects and devices, something that cannot be taught off a textbook.

This is where Nintendo Labo comes in. Nintendo Labo is the perfect solution for STEM learning. The kits offer robust building opportunities in conjunction with software to make the entire experience fun. It provides a hands on experience for kids to work together and build devices. It can keep the student interested with its different building possibitiles. Its unique appearance and ease of use is already suited well for school environments. And the slew of games on Nintendo Labo can show how software works well with hardware. This whole experience can provide a great engineering aspect of building things.

Nintendo Labo also has a feature that lets its user create its own games. Through minimalist coding kids can program their games and actions. For example, a kid can program an autonomous robot to do various tasks with a timer. The possibilities are endless, however details are scarce at the moment. This can serve as a gateway for computer science for many kids. Kids can test and experiment their robots and use them in competitions against one another.

Currently many schools use LEGO Mindstorm as a part of STEM, however those kits are outdated and the software on that is very limited. Labo can serve as the next generation of building kits for these schools.

Nintendo is already associated with video games, something that kids love and play all day. But it is also trying to expand its reach and promote interaction and team-building. It bringing an educational aspect to video games in a way we have never seen before. It is truly amazing to see what they have done, and let us see how it pans for Nintendo.

Nintendo Labo is scheduled to launch on April 20th.

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