iPhone X review and impressions, best smartphone on the market?

Apple’s highly successful iPhone X is turning 4 months old tomorrow, after using the device from day 1, here are our thoughts and impressions of the device so far.


The iPhone X was announced in a September event by Apple and was a significant departure from the standard smartphone design. It features a redesigned front panel with the removal of the home button, and the screen stretched to the top to offer an almost bezel-less display. With this new design, has come to the “notch.”

Many users have complained that the notch is very bothersome. It ruins the immersive edge to edge display when watching a movie or reading the book. However, after just using the device for an hour, I honestly forgot that the notch is even there. Since most of the time I am focused on the content that is at the center of the screen, I barely looked at the notch. I have accepted the notch and gotten used to it very quick. In fact, it feels weird to use a phone that doesn’t have a notch after spending so much time with the iPhone X.

I believe that the notch adds personality to the phone. It is a small design factor that differentiates the iPhone X from any phone in the market. The notch even makes it easier to recognize any iPhone X user from a big crowd. People have opted to use dark backgrounds as their wallpapers to blend the screen with the notch. However, I have opted out of that because I like showing the notch on my device.


The display itself is stunning. The screen is vibrant with colors and is said to have HDR. Unfortunately, I have not seen a significant viewing difference with HDR as I was expecting before. This might primarily be because I have not bought any movies from iTunes which support the HDR. Nevertheless, it is an excellent feature to have to make sure the phone is future-proof. The auto-brightness also works excellently as well, turning up the display’s brightness whenever I step outside the house. I feel though that this might be a drain on the battery as the phone continually has to measure how much light you are in. The display is very bright when you need it to be, very dark when you need it to be.

With the home button gone, Apple has invested all of its efforts into Face ID. Face ID is composed of the various sensors that are a part of the notch. Face ID for me has been a hit or miss. In my experience when I am looking at the phone, it works 100% of the time. When it is set down on the table or my sofa, it usually fails to recognize 70% of the time. Overall, I typically have to double scan for it to unlock or enter the password. It is a bit of a hassle, but over time the technology is going to improve, and Face ID will be the norm.

Face ID can also be used to auto-fill in passwords on a website, however for a lot of sites, such as Gmail, it only fills in the username, and I have to hit next and manually enter the password. When the username and password are on the same screen though, Face ID fills in both the fields and makes the entire process easier. It is a great feature that needs refining.


One of the most significant problems I have is with iMessage on my iPhone. If your Wifi and Cellular Data are turned off, you cannot send text messages to another person with an iPhone, but you can to someone who has an Android. Not only that, but you also cannot receive messages from an iOS user but you can from an Android. I do not have Cellular Data in my Data plan, so whenever I am outside my house, more than half time I do not receive texts on my phone until my device is connected to the Wifi. I have left Apple feedback on this issue on their website.

However, overall iMessage is a great texting software, one of the best on any smartphones ever. It allows significant customization to your chats and the support for apps keeps the interaction going. The text effects, stickers, and reactions are something that is not essential, but it livens up the conversation a lot.

Pro Tip: If you use text horizontally, iMessage will allow you to handwrite your messages.


Another feature that was added to the iMessage exclusively on the iPhone X is Animoji. Animoji is live emoji that you can record with your facial expressions and voice. It mimics everything you say and do. Surprisingly it only uses the front-facing camera, rather than all the crazy sensors used in Face ID. It is a nice niche and something that Apple is not giving up on, especially with the addition of more characters in a new iOS update. However, I have never used them a lot, only with friends that respond back in Animoji. The feature is not anything revolutionary, but just fun to use at times.

Another feature that the iPhone X excels in is the camera department


The iPhone X sports one of the best cameras on the market. The device has two rear-facing lens which is perfect for taking portrait mode photos. Portrait mode sometimes is challenging to use as the subject has to be within a certain distance away from the camera, and if not the phone just ends up taking a regular photo. However, the images that I did take on the portrait mode are some of the best photos I have ever taken. Most of the time I just used the regular mode. Another feature in the camera is Live Photos. The camera records a few seconds after a photo and plays it as a GIF. It is a beautiful feature however I have turned it off because I save all my pictures on Google Photos, and with the live feature turned on it is saved as a GIF. The front-facing cameras are equally great, and also work with portrait photos.

During the daytime, I can get some of the best photos on the device. However using the device at night makes all the photo look “grainy,” especially on portrait mode.


We cannot talk about a smartphone without talking about its battery life. The iPhone X lasts me an entire day if I am careful with its usage and only use it when it’s needed, however if I use the device without any worries, at the end of the day I’m down to 10% battery. However the great thing about this device is the inclusion of low power mode. Low power mode reduces the amount of power your phone uses to increase its battery life. I have noticed some difference when you using low power mode in terms of battery usage, but it is nothing significant.

My iPhone is something I plug in to charge at any opportunity available just because I do not like for my battery to drop to 20%

One of THE most underrated feature I believe on the newer iPhones is 3D touch. 3D touch easily allows me to expand on a photo without loading the entire page, something that I continuously do on Instagram. 3D touch is also great for previews. If there an email or a text where you do want to alert the person that you have opened it, with 3D touch you can get a sneak peek of the entire message. It is also extremely useful for opening web pages in a different tab.

The iPhone X is an excellent phone for your money. It has a superb build quality and has tons of features not found on other smartphones. I have had a great experience so far with this phone, and am looking forward to the next iteration of this device later in 2018.

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