Snapchat is working on the second generation of Spectacles, despite the failure of the first one

Snapchat has its version of smart glasses called Spectacles, and if you have not heard of it, it is ok, because it was a major commercial flop.

Snapchat Spectacles was made to take snaps from your point of view. The user would wear a pair of glasses which was synced with your phone and had a camera on its side for whenever you saw something snap-worthy to take a picture from. However, Snapchat was only able to sell 150K units, resulting in a loss of $40 Million.

It seems though that Snapchat is not giving up. A report from Cheddar said that the company is working on releasing the second generation of these glasses and that this time it plans on releasing two models of its glasses.

Both the models will have performance and camera improvements. However, the more expensive version could feature two lenses and an even more advanced camera, a potential price of $300.

It is unknown when the new versions of Spectacles will release. After the devastating loss on the first generation Spectacles, Snapchat needs to be more careful as to how they approach this and market it to their customers. They have already upset many users with their new update, and it will be interesting to see how they will bounce back.

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