Amazon might be working on a real-time translator with the Alexa

Yahoo Finance is reporting that Amazon is maybe working on adding features to the Amazon Alexa to allow live translations. The user can ask Alexa for any phrase to be translated, and Alexa would also incorporate any local culture if possible in its response. This is one more step Amazon is taking to gain an advantage over its competitors, Google Home and Apple HomePod.

Right now the Alexa can translate any word or phrases, but Amazon hopes in the future it can work as a translator, translating full conversations in real time. This is something that Google has tried before with its Pixel Buds, and it is not a new concept on the market. However, Amazon also wants to translate multiple conversations at once.

If Amazon is successful in creating a software this is very efficient in its translation and user-friendly, then the possibilities are endless. Amazon could then create a device similar to Google Pixel Buds, or launch Alexa translations on your current smartphones.

It is unclear how Amazon will be adding this skill into the Alexa, and where it would get all the translation skills required. There is a possibility that Amazon might have to work on this feature from the ground up, just like what Google has done with Google Translate.

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