Huawei’s new phone is smart enough to drive a car

Smartphones are getting more powerful every year. Companies are building these devices with most advance chips available and the smartest software to control all processes on the machine. Currently, Apple’s iPhone X is one the, if not THE, fastest device on the market regarding power, but it seems it might soon have competition.

Huawei’s new phone is now capable enough to process information to control a driverless car. The company was showing off its new phone, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, and the highlight was the new chip inside the device, Kirin 970 chip featuring an A.I. engine.

The phone worked with a camera attached to the roof to process data about its surrounding. The test car was a Porsche Panamera, a car that is not currently capable of driving itself. It lacked the sophisticated sensors a person might on Google’s Waymo for example but worked perfectly on a smaller scale with fewer obstacles.

The project took five weeks to complete, and everything is done through an app by a simple touch to get that car started.

The test drive consisted of a straight path with small objects on the road. The car moved at a speed of 5mph, and the phone was able to detect objects in tandem with the camera and react accordingly.

Huawei said that it could have taught the phone to drive around the corners, but it would have taken a long time. There are no real plans for this to be a reality in the market though. Huawei said that it is only showcasing its new chip and phone and this was just one of the demo experiences that came up with.

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