Next generation of AirPods to feature new changes

Apple’s version of wireless earphones have been a runaway success from the time it launched. They offer great sound quality and portability for a decent amount of price, and work in harmony with any iOS device. Unlike waiting a few years for every refresh like other earphones manufacturers, Apple is on the heel to keep on innovating and gaining a lead in the completion by a huge margin.

Recent reports have surfaced detailing the newest features from the 2018 and 2019 models of AirPods that will set them apart from the current version.

2018 model of the AirPods have been reported to have gotten Siri integration, meaning now they can be controlled with voice commands such as “Hey Siri”. It is unclear as to how commands to the AirPod will be distinguished from commands to the iPhone without activating both the devices.

2019 model of the AirPod will be waterproof reportedly. Though this doesn’t mean that you can take your AirPods for a swim as you can with your Apple Watch, in case you have to go outside in the rain, you won’t have to worry about damaging your AirPods.

The accuracy of these reports in unknown as of right now, but these features make sense that Apple would include them eventually.

These certainly look like exciting changes that can make the AirPods more future proof and durable. The integration of voice commands goes with Apple’s recent move to make everything work with just your voice. Apple is expected to show off the generation of AirPods later this year.

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  1. […] Bose has stated that the glasses will not be available publicly for consumers to buy but instead will be used as a demo product for developers and manufacturers. The company has said that it has also set up a fund of $50 million to invest in companies that build around Bose AR. This initiative will surely separate Bose from its competitors in the same field. Could it even rival Apple’s AirPods which are rumored to be getting new sound features? […]


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