Google is launching an ad service relying on AI

Many publishers are familiar with Google Adsense. It allows them to monetize their websites by placing ads across their pages in the hope of a user click on them. Currently, the ads that show are automatically determined by Google depending on the audience and the niche market of the website, but Google is introducing another ad revenue system for its publishers and advertisers.

It is known as Auto Ads.

It will use machine learning to determine what are the optimal spots on a page to place an ad, and the total amount. Google believes that advertisers will be satisfied with the outcome of this service.

It was also reported that through this new service, publishers earned an average of 10 cents more.

It may seem risky letting an AI control the ads on a page because it might crowd up the website with too many ad placements, or the ads will not be suited to the right audience. This is IF the AI is bad at data processing, however, if Google can make sure that the AI is continuously smart at making the right decisions, then the results could be positive. Ads favoring the audience will be placed on the website, leading to more clicks by interested users, thus generating more revenue for both the publisher and the advertiser.


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