Spotify could be working on its own smart speaker

The smart speaker is a new category of technology that has been steadily growing and getting smarter. Recently Apple had released their version called the HomePod, but it has met criticism for not being natively compatible with music services such as Spotify or smart devices running anything other than iOS.

According to recent job listings though, it seems that Spotify could be working on a physical product to release to consumers. The company is looking to hire project managers for the hardware and engineering sector.

Spotify is a premium music streaming service that is available on all smartphones and speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. It is one of the most popular streaming services due to its extensive availability on multiple devices. With the smart speaker of its own, Spotify could create a massive user base regardless of the smartphone they use. It already has a massive catalog of people using the service and marketing it would not be too difficult. Apart from being a speaker, it could also include an assistant from either Google or Amazon to compete with other smart speakers on the market. Right now nothing has been announced by the company, but it could face some tough competition as Apple has also entered the market.

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