Sony may be working with other companies on AI taxi system

Sony is a company that is synonymous with the PlayStation brand. Though they have products in other fields such as Television or Home Appliances, it seems that they have never quite found the immaculate success as they did in the video game world. However, according to recent reports, it appears that in the world of AI, Sony also wants to join in on the boom of machine algorithms.

Sony is supposedly working on an alliance with multiple cab companies in Japan to create an AI system for the taxi platform. The system would be efficient in analyzing data trends such as weather, locations, traffic, and events, to figure out what would be the optimal way to dispatch a taxi to the rider. For example, if there is a significant crowd gathering in a part of town, the system would figure out the best route to reach that location, and the required number of taxis to accommodate potential clients without having to dispatch extra taxis causing more traffic.

Though taxi companies are slowing dying out due to startups such as Uber and Lyft, Japan has banned the use of private cars for ride sharing. So this could still be a thriving business for Sony in Japan, however outside of Japan and in other countries such as USA or India, it will be hard to tell. Right now there is no date as to when this will be ready, however recently Toyota announced that they are working on their on AI-centered taxi system, so if Sony does not hurry, Toyota may have the upper edge soon.

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