LED Skin displays health status on your hands

There are plethora of devices on the market that can monitor your health conditions, and many more are being developed each year. One such device that is currently being designed is wearable LED display that sticks on your skin.

The stretchable rubber sheet is being made by the University of Tokyo and Di Nippon Printing. It includes 16X24 array of LED lights mounted on the sheet, which can be expanded by about 45 percent its original size.

The sheet is meant to be attached on your hands, and will last approximately one whole week without causing any inflammation. It’s primary purpose is to display health conditions such as your heartbeat right on your hand, without having you to fiddle around looking for other devices. It can also be connected to the cloud so that the data can be stored on a monitor or even be sent to a doctor or a specialist.

Researchers have said that this is to help the elderly and make it as simple as possible for them to measure their health without going through complicated devices.

The device is expected to launch within the next three years after further improvements are made to its durability and functionality.

In the future, one of the improvements we can hope for is the longevity of these displays, from lasting only for a week, to maybe lasting for a month or even a whole year.

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