Snapchat’s new update creates massive backlash

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps on our smartphones right now. It is used by millions of people around the world to share pictures that go away after one look. This was one of the most significant selling points of Snapchat when it launched.

After a while, it gradually added updates to the app, such as filters and, the widely copied, stories.

However recently Snapchat pushed out a grand overhaul to the app, by combing what were once two separate things, chat and stories, into the side of the app, and making more space on the other side of the app for advertisers and their content. Many, almost all, users were not happy with this as it made the app less user-friendly and required more steps for simple things than before. Snapchat even saw a decline in their AppStore review, currently at 2.3 stars at the time of writing.

It is a clear indication that they have messed up.

It would seem obvious to anyone to revert to the old changes to gain back customer royalty. However, it seems Snapchat is in no mood to make any changes as of right now. CEO Evan Spiegel has stated that the people’s reaction to the new update is what he had expected, which is why he is happy. It reinforces his decision to make the changes in the first. People are not used to changes, but eventually get along with it after a while.

He also said that the decision for this change was to separate your friend’s tab, and the advertisements tab, to create a proper distinction and not confuse the user.

It seems though that now there is more confusion as to how to use the app, ultimately defeating the purpose of the update.

It should also be noted that a user has created a petition asking Snapchat to revert to its changes, and over 1.1 Million people have already signed it. If this isn’t a sign for Snapchat to show that they have messed up, then we don’t know what to say. This very well could be the start of the demise of Snapchat

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