Samsung might borrow Animoji from Apple

Everyone knows what emojis are and use them every day in his or her conversations. It is as common as using abbreviations for big words or using punctuations when writing long sentences. Emojis have become a part of our texting lives. So much so that even Sony decided to make a movie on it, albeit it not a good one.

One of the staple features on the iPhone X is Animoji. It captures a video or a photo of you and imprints it on an emoji using facial recognition. It works decently well however till now it has just been a novelty rather than a core selling factor. However, that has not stopped the internet from making videos on Animoji doing crazy things such as singing Drake or replacing in them Star Trek scenes.

It seems as if though that even Samsung wants to join the fun. Samsung is all set to announce their next version of their staple Galaxy phone, the Galaxy S9. Majority of its features and specs have already leaked to the public. However, their validity remains a mystery until confirmed by Samsung themselves.

The latest news comes that the S9 will have a new feature called “3D Emoji.” It will use facial recognition to create 3D images that copy your face to be used in your text messages. The feature only relies on the front facing camera, at least in the Apple’s version of it, so it is possible that this could come to the S8 and Note 8.

If this news is true, then that means Samsung is putting more emphasis on facial recognition as a feature on the S9. This could lead to more secure transactions such as using your face to authenticate a payment or even making unlocking your phone harder for anyone else but yourself.

Another part of the rumor also stated that the S9 Plus would have stereo speakers. Samsung is expected to reveal the device in coming weeks.


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