Amazon working on AI chips for Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa has been a pretty big hit with the masses. The device is sleek and functional and is integrated well with your Amazon account. But one thing that people don’t know is that your Alexa device works with the cloud for any smart tasks. Other devices from companies such as Apple and Google have built-in chips specifically for AI capabilities.

And according to the recent reports, it seems Amazon might move into the chip world too.

Having a built-in chip would ease up the load on the cloud and make the Alexa devices much faster and perform better. All the processing will be done on the device rather than going to the cloud back and forth. There is a definite advantage in having in-house built chips for these devices. Amazon has already required several companies that can provide support and knowledge in this category.

Right now nothing is being produced, only discussions and designing processes are taking place. Even if this becomes a reality, the physical appearance of any Alexa device shouldn’t change by much.

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