Smart shower by Livin plays music and saves water

New devices and appliances are being made so that they can interact with us remotely via our smart devices. Devices such us our light bulbs, doors, etc, all now have the capability of being “smart”, meaning they can interact with us through the web. The idea of a smart home is slowly becoming a reality, where once you walk in, everything turns on and starts working automatically according to your preferences.

One of the places that isn’t commonly referenced when discussing the idea of a smart home, is the shower. And that is why a company from California named Livin, is aiming to do.

Their first project is the Livin Shower. Livin Shower can turn any shower into a smart shower. It heats up your shower to the perfect temperature beforehand, so it can save water without you having to wait before you get in for the right temperature.

It has voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and it can record stats such as the average temperature of water used in the shower, the duration, and how much water is potentially being saved.

The whole process works through an app. In the app the user can set a desired temperature for the water, after which the shower will try to reach that temperature. Once it has reached that, it will cut the water flow and store it at that temperature. Once you are in the shower, you can use the device to accurately change the temperature of the water much like a thermostat. There’s a pause button which pauses the flow of water without losing its warmth, and a cool down mode where at the end, once you are done the shower will automatically gradually lower the the temperature of the water because of the positive health benefits it can have on the body.Another feature is that you can also listen to music through this device. Set a favorite playlist and the Livin Shower can play your tunes. A total of ten profiles can be created, each with their own water temperature preferences, and music playlists. Currently the device is on Kickstarter. The price is $299 and it is aiming for a release date of Autumn 2018 at a price of $599.

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