Young.AI will analyze blood to predict lifespan of a person

A.I. is popping up everywhere. It is an unstoppable field of research being conducted across the globe. A.I. is being developed in many sectors such as automobiles, communications, automation, robots, etc. However, one of the lesser talked about the field with the potential of the most life-changing innovations is biotech.

Young.AI is the newest division of AI that deals with our biology and our bodies. It will use A.I. to track our internal bodily functions and track its health status. Using that data, it will be capable of predicting our lifespan based on the deteriorating parts.

Blood data from 130,000 people from all over the world is being analyzed in a study by scientists from Johns Hopkins, University of Oxford, and other research universities.  Researchers are looking at 21 commonly measured blood parameters such cholesterol, hemoglobin count, etc., and through A.I. analysis taking the age, ethnicity, and parameters into account, there are trying to create an algorithm for the “human clock.”

With just a simple drop of blood, a person can determine his/her life expectancy. With this tool, people will be able to judge their lifestyles much better and be able to make informed decisions to increase their overall longevity.

Currently, it is hard to tell the accuracy of software to predict your future health. However, with the advancements of A.I. and deep learning, the possibility is endless.

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