WhatsApp’s digital payment feature is here for select users

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app commonly used amongst people all over the world. That is why the company is working on different features to keep with the competition as well attract new users. Just recently, WhatsApp had announced a separate version of their app, WhatsApp business, which you can read more about here – WhatsApp Business.

Another new feature to grace the mobile app is peer to peer payments. You can send payments on your phone through the app to another person. This was something that was announced in April 2017 that the company is working on and now it has launched the beta for it. With the recent focus on electronic transactions and innovations in services such as Apple Pay and Apple Cash, it only made sense for WhatsApp to tap into this business model as well.

Currently, the feature only rolled out to select users in India, one of the largest demographic countries to use the app. The app is extremely popular there, even more than Facebook itself, so it is the perfect market to test new features. The app has gained immense popularity in India and will continue to do so with changes and new features, eliminating the need for other apps. This update will unify all smartphone users regardless of their phone, and more importantly, make it efficient and simple.

WhatsApp has also reportedly signed deals with Indian banks to also join and help their payment system.

It is unknown when the full version of this feature will be rolled out to users in other countries. But we expect it to be soon.

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