Intel used over 1,200 drones in Olympic light show

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have kicked off in Pyeongchang and countries from all over the world are competing for the gold. However one of the more interesting events took place during the opening ceremony.

Intel put on a light show with a record-breaking 1,218 drones to create an amazing visual for people to see. The display featured images of a snowboarder and the Olympic Rings. The show was pre-recorded due to the harsh weather conditions that Pyeongchang can have on the drones. Reportedly Intel has planned for a live version of the show, but the city’s weather causes them to alter their plans.

However, the company is planning on doing small shows on a smaller scale with 300 drones. These shows will be performed during the medal ceremonies.

Intel is continuously monitoring the weather conditions to see if drone shows are possible. Though they may not happen every night, the times they do happen will be nothing short of spectacular.


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