Built-in webcam covers on HP’s new EliteBooks

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when dealing with tech today. Lots of companies promise to keep user data secured and encrypted, while some prominent companies have been accused of listening to people’s conversations through smart devices. Privacy doesn’t limit to just listening conversations, but also tracking your online browsing history, stealing personal information and selling it for monetary gains, and even watching you through a camera. Theories are floating around saying that the government is gaining access to devices that have cameras such as phones, laptops, tablets, and even your TVs, and are periodically tuning in to your daily life. Now, no one knows the validity of these theories and rumors, but it is certainly important to keep ourselves protected, because even if it’s not the government, it could be an intrusive hacker looker to do harm.

With that being said, HP is providing a webcam cover on their newest line of laptops, the EliteBooks, to cover your webcam when you’re not using it so that no can hack in, and give you peace of mind. People have been covering their webcams for years, mostly using sticky notes or tape, but now HP is had more convenient than ever before. Apart from HP, the only other laptop to do this is from Lenovo.

This feature will show up fifth generation EliteBook models 830, 840, and 850. It is important to note however, that there will be no webcam cover on the touchscreen versions of these laptops, with HP saying that there isn’t enough space on the bezel.

Hopefully more laptop manufacturers can adapt this feature on their products. While the chances of someone being able to see you through your own webcam without you knowing is pretty low to none, at least according to the companies themselves, having a solution like this makes the laptop more aesthetically pleasing than have a piece of paper on top your screen.

This announcement goes along with unveiling other versions and SKUs of their laptops and computers.

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