Waymo vs. Uber court case

One of the leading tech that companies are working on is autonomous vehicles. Vehicles that do not require much input from the driver and respond to the environment on their own. Two big companies, amongst others that are working on these cars, are Google and Uber.

However, it seems that there is a significant public legal dispute between two of these companies and their projects. Google has accused Uber of stealing internal information and infringing on copyright patents.

One of the engineers that was working with Google, Anthony, had left the company before starting his own company. The new startup dealt with autonomous trucks. It was then later acquired by Uber. However, it seems that when Anthony had left, he had also taken with him confidential information and research on autonomous technology from Google, with an estimate of around 14,000 documents.

Google says that this was a strategic plan from Uber and that the heads of the company at that time had been in touch with Anthony. However Uber is claiming that none of Google’s documents were used in their research.

Internal emails from higher-ups in Uber have been shown in court to tarnish Uber’s reputation and further build their case. It will soon be Uber’s turn in a few days to defend themselves.

If at the end Uber loses, it will forced to payout Google a sum upwards of $1 Billion, and maybe even shut down their research and start over. If Google loses this case, then that would be it, there would be no significant consequences.

The case is expected to last three more weeks.

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  1. […] Apart from this, Waymo plans to launch a driverless ride-hail pilot in Phoenix later in 2018. Waymo is one of Google’s most ambitious project, as autonomous technology can change transportation and vehicles forever. Currently, its main competitor is Uber, which is also making much progress with its testing. Earlier in the year, Waymo and Google were in a court case where Waymo alleged that Uber had stolen the company’s self-driving secrets. […]


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