Samsung to replace Galaxy S name after Galaxy S9

Samsung’s big smartphone push into the mobile industry was with the Samsung Galaxy back in 2010. It was quite different from the iPhone, gaining a mass public appeal and being a hit with both the casual audience and the phone critics. Over the years Samsung has made tremendous changes to the Galaxy S series, such as increasing the screen-to-body ratio, upgrading the build quality, including the “critically acclaimed” Bixby button, etc.

However, the name has remained the same, Samsung Galaxy S + a number to signify which generation Samsung device it is. In just a few months, Samsung is all set to announce the next phone in the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Rumors and leaked images have come out detailing the build of the device and some software features, but nothing is confirmed yet.

With this, another rumor has come out that in 2019, 10-11 months after the Galaxy S9’s release, Samsung will introduce another new smartphone, except it will not have the Galaxy S naming scheme.

Samsung will revamp the device, and the supposed name of the phone will be Samsung Galaxy X. Samsung wants to stop using the S name to avoid awkward names in the future such as Galaxy S15 or Galaxy S20. Much like what Apple has done, Samsung wants to come up with a fresh name for better PR and marketing.

There are still a few things that are unclear from this rumor. The separate news stated that the Samsung Galaxy X would be Samsung’s long-awaited foldable phone that will launch this year alongside the S9 and the next Note phone. Either this means that internally no name has been finalized for the S9 successor and the new foldable phone series, or that the foldable phone, named Galaxy X, is all set to replace the Galaxy S series, leaving the Galaxy Note as the only regular display phone.

However, the rumor of Samsung dropping the S name still raises one more question, what about the Note? Will Samsung introduce a new series of large phones to phase out the Note? Alternatively, will Samsung continue with the series? After all, Samsung did skip the Note 6 to match the numbers of Galaxy S devices.

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