Intel Smart Glass reported coming later this year

The idea of a smart glass has been around for a while. It has been very prevalent in science fiction movies when a person taps a transparent section of glass; it immediately lights up to show various things, almost replacing the typical computer. Smart glasses have also been featured in tons of concept videos on YouTube, with concepts such as the capabilities of showing weather, directions, etc. wherever the user is looking.

Most people might even remember the Google Glass; a device so hyped up yet never saw a mass public release or usage. The idea is fancy and revolutionary.

With that being said, reports from different outlets are saying that Intel, the computer chip maker, is selling a stake in their spinoff company, supposedly known as “Vaunt,” which will sell smart glasses to the consumers starting this year.

Internally the product is known as “Superlite” and will be made in Taiwan. It will use a laser projector to reproduce images on the glass, and it will be paired with a phone using Bluetooth.

Currently, other big companies are working on AR through a smartphone, but Intel is backing up the idea of wearable AR technology. Right now nothing is confirmed, whether this product even exists or not. However, seeing how Google failed to create an impact, maybe Intel can do better and work on fixing mistakes made by Google.


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