HomePod will not have Bluetooth support

Apple’s latest device, a smart speaker, is all set to launch a week from today, on February 9th. However, there are still a few questions and concerns regarding the device and its capabilities.

Apple has posted more information about the HomePod, and here is the summary. The HomePod will require an Apple device running iOS 11 for the setup process. So no Android users can purchase this device without spending extra money to buy an Apple iPad/iPhone as well. HomePod also works with iTunes Match, iTunes purchases, Apple Music, and content transmitted from “AirPlay.”

It is possible to play music from 3rd party apps such as Spotify and Soundcloud, but it will not be compatible with spoken commands.

Another important piece of information from Apple came out that the HomePod does not support Bluetooth at this moment. Why does it matter? Without Bluetooth, you will not be able to stream content from an Android phone or tablet, even if you have Apple Music.

It is unclear if things will change with a future update, but the device is set to launch next Friday on February 9th, and reviews should start coming in soon.

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