Google’s Machine Learning to Predict Flight Delays

Flight delays are amongst the most common problems that travelers face everyday. People rush to show up early to the airport only to find out that their flight has been delayed. Now you’re left stuck at the airport waiting for a flight when that time could’ve been used elsewhere.

To combat this problem, Google is updating its Flights app to utilize machine learning. Basically the app will go through previous histories of delays, and look at the possible patterns, whether it be weather, technical flight problems, etc. Based on that, Google will alert the app user whether or not there COULD be a possible delay in their flight. This doesn’t mean that there WILL be a delay, it will just show that it is more than probable that there might be one.

Now mind you that Google not is guaranteeing that this will be 100% accurate, and it still advises people to show up on time if possible. But the app will over time improve its accuracy and algorithmic patterns.

This is one more step closer to AI and machine learning making human lives easier and more comfortable.

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