iOS 12 Plans Changed due to iOS 11 Bugs

iOS 11 has been met with criticism from all corners of the internet. The latest OS release has been one of the buggiest iOS releases from Apple to date, and the users are not happy. Reports include text overlays, blank lock screens, and more!

With the all the feedback Apple has been getting with iOS 11, rumors have come out stating that the main focus of iOS 12 is to bring back the “smoothness”

The software development team has shifted their focus from working on new features to refining existing ones and taking care of the bugs. iOS 12 will fix major issues and bring quality back to Apple devices. It is also stated that with this decision, new features are being delayed to 2019, probably as part of iOS 13.

Though there won’t be major functional changes from iOS 11 to iOS 12, there are still going to be some new limited features and tweaks.

Rumors also state that a major home screen redesign was on the way, but unfortunately will be pushed to 2019.

Apple is expected to show off the next version of iOS in June at WWDC.

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