Google Clips, a tiny camera powered by AI

Google Clips is a wearable miniature camera that revealed during the unveiling of the Google Pixel 2. It uses AI to figure out what is the optimal time and scene to take a photo or video.

It is a small 2-inch square with a 12MP sensor lens, 130-degree field of view and 16GB of storage, enough to record 3 hours of video.

Google says the AI behind the Clip was trained by pro-photographers. Its main use is to place it somewhere in the background and wait for it to take photos based on algorithms.

One of the concerns regarding this device was that it would be watching you at all times, however Google has mentioned that it doesn’t send anything to external servers, all data is protected on the device itself.

The device costs only $249, however it is currently sold out on their website. Estimated delivery dates range from February 27th to all the way to March 5th.

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