Mynder, a mail alert system.

It had happened to all of us when we made a journey to the community mailbox through treacherous conditions only to find it devoid of any packages. It was a disappointing feeling nonetheless. If only there were a device that could alert a person if there is a mail in inside their community mailbox, or even in the mailbox right outside their house.

Now there is, Mynder!

Mynder is a device that sits comfortably inside a mailbox without taking up too much space. It is fitted with sensors to detect any packages inside the mailbox, and when there is, it sends a notification to a person’s phone, or even to the entire family depending on which settings you choose.

It only needs to be recharged once a year making it hassle-free for most people.

The idea of this product came when James Mallett, the creator of Mynder, was fed up with going to the community mailbox in rough winter conditions only to find it empty with no mail.

“It got a little frustrating, to say the least stopping by the mailbox every day and finding out that there was usually no mail. At the same time, Canada Post announced that they would be moving away from home delivery to community mailbox delivery only, so it seemed like a good time to invent Mynder.”

What a story!

Currently, the product is looking for funding through Kickstarter. It needs to reach a goal of $40,500 to go into full-scale production. You can pre-order for $64, saving you around $57 when it launches at retail at a later date.

Here is the link in case you want to fund it –

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