More Evidence to Suggest Face ID coming to iPad

When the iPhone X was announced, one of the innovative features that was part of the device was Face ID. Face ID is a facial recognition system from Apple for unlocking your device. It has gotten rid of what was already a perfect unlocking solution, Touch ID. Though it is iffy at some points in terms of recognition and the angle at which you have to hold the device to unlock it, Apple says that this is the future.

While iPhone X is the only device on the market to have Face ID, many rumors are floating around that all the future iPhone will have Face ID over Touch ID, but people are also speculating that this maybe the case for the 2018 iPad as well.

People have dug up some code from the beta of iOS 11.3 that mentions a “Modern iPad”. Before the official announcement of iPhone X, internally that phone was also referenced as a “Modern iPhone”. Once again, nothing is confirmed yet, but it is very interesting that the internal name of the new iPad is similar to that of iPhone X’s.

If there is a Face ID functionality in the iPad, then it would mean that Apple is getting rid of the home button as well. People will have to use the swipe functionality as their main means of navigation. As for the bezel-less display, it would look really great and outstanding on a device as large as the iPad Pro, however that might make the device too pricey.

Apple is expected to announce the 2018 iPad models later this year.

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