Snapchat Stories getting Major Changes

Snapchat, the popular image sharing social media app, is getting changes to its stories. Stories was a feature that launched in 2014 that let the user post a picture or a video for 24 hours of viewing. It was a big hit and the user base has been growing ever since.

In order to keep up with the pace of innovation, Snapchat will now let you share your stories on other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The user can copy a link to their story, and post it for others to see without them having to download the app. This move will help Snapchat grow its popularity and reach ability into other social outlets. Some users already have the ability to use this feature, while a major rollout will come at a later date.

Another update from Snapchat will get rid of the white borders that show up when a person posts a picture on their story from their camera roll. This is to make the whole experience more appealing to its users while competing with likes of Instagram that let you upload older pictures. The picture might still be awkwardly cropped depending on how it was taken, but this is yet another step forward in evolving the Stories.

One last thing to note is that another update will let people copy texts from chat while long pressing on them.

These are all the latest news from Snapchat. Release dates on some of these features is still unclear, but it should come soon hopefully.

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