Smart Contact Lenses can Detect Glucose Levels

In America, more than 30 million people are affected by some form of Diabetes, a disease when there is too much sugar or glucose in the blood. To test your insulin levels, currently, there are only two practical methods of drawing your blood, pricking your finger or inserting a needle.

That is why scientists at Ulsan national institute of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea are testing smart contact lens that can detect your glucose levels based on your blood. The smart lens has an embedded LED light and glucose sensor. The light will start alerting the wearer about the rise of glucose levels in his/her blood.

Currently, the prototype has only been tested on rabbits. The light stayed on until an artificial solution was squirted into the rabbit’s eyes to mimic glucose, which at that point the LED light turned off. It has not been tested on human or human tears yet.

However, there are some skeptics. A research paper from the 80s claims that there is no correlation between glucose level of blood and tears, making this whole idea seem inaccurate and useless.

Hopefully, there are more accurate solutions in the future to test glucose levels without having to withdraw blood.

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