Apple’s HomePod preorders to go live this Friday.

Last year, Apple had announced their version of a smart speaker known as HomePod. It can play music through Apple Music and supports Siri on a basic level. The speaker also boasts capabilities of multi room audio, so that multiple HomePods can be synced to play the same audio in different parts of the house. But that feature will come at a later date. Apple has mentioned that there will be a software update to enable that feature.

Original release date for the device was planned to be 2017, however Apple delayed it to early 2018.

Now Apple has given us a new release date for the HomePods, Feb. 9th. It will release in the US and UK, and it seems Apple hasn’t made any major changes to the devices than what was shown before. The preorders will start on January 26th, this Friday, at a price of $349. This is definitely pricer than other speakers from companies such as Google and Amazon, however it is aimed to be a high end speaker in the likes of Bose, and other speaker companies.

The only color available right now is Black, so who knows maybe next year Apple might offer a second generation HomePod is various more colors.

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