Apple’s 2018 iPhone might not feature 3D Touch

3D Touch is a feature that debuted on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in 2015. It provides haptic feedback depending on how much pressure a person is applying on the screen, and offers quickview into many things such as your emails, texts, without actually opening on them. Though Apple hasn’t done much to make it a revolutionary feature to differentiate it from its competition, it is still a nifty and handy feature to have that you get used to very quickly.

According to new rumors, Kuo claims that the 6.1 inch iPhone will get rid of this feature to make it more cost effective, and include features such as FaceID to get it into a price of $700-$800. The other two models, 5.8 inch and the 6.5 inch iPhone models will keep this feature along with others.

Kuo also states that the 6.1 inch iPhone will only feature a single lens rear camera, meaning that it will not be able to portrait mode photos, a camera feature that will be available on other models as well. As for wireless charging, that is still a speculation that the rumors have not yet mentioned.

Apple will more than likely announce the next generation of iPhones this September.

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  1. […] One of THE most underrated feature I believe on the newer iPhones is 3D touch. 3D touch easily allows me to expand on a photo without loading the entire page, something that I continuously do on Instagram. 3D touch is also great for previews. If there an email or a text where you do want to alert the person that you have opened it, with 3D touch you can get a sneak peek of the entire message. It is also extremely useful for opening web pages in a different tab. However, Apple might get rid of 3D touch in newer iPhones. […]


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