Autonomous Minivans by Google are coming to Atlanta

Self driving vehicles are the future. Many companies are funding the research and development behind them while other companies have already built prototypes and are in testing phase. One such company to take on this new innovation is Google.

Google is working on a self driving minivan called Waymo, and while work on its development began a few years back, the company giants has announced plans to bring it to Atlanta. It believes the Atlanta is an ideal candidate to test its vehicles. It is snow free during most months of the year, overall city is very flat in of itself, and majority of the population uses car as a daily means of travel.

To start off this new initiative, Waymo has begun 3D mapping the city. Without the data, the sensors and camera won’t guarantee accuracy and precision. There is no date as to when the vehicles will make their official appearance on streets, but Google is certainly aiming to bring this to the markets as soon as possible.


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