Foldable Phone Patents by LG

The concept foldable phones were demoed by Samsung a couple of years ago, but we haven’t seen any public releases yet. Recently, there have been rumors and reports of the concept being brought back by Samsung for 2018 Galaxy phones, but nothing is confirmed yet.

However, Samsung isn’t the only company toying around with this idea, because recently two patents were discovered for foldable phones that are by LG.

First patent shows a device similar to a regular tablet. However, the device can fold in half to resemble a phone, something similar to what Samsung has already shown. But rather than having a full-flegged screen to serve as a phone, the display will only have basic information such as time and weather. On the back, there is a camera that is included.

The second patent is very similar to the first, with one difference, the back on the second device can slide to the side, to reveal part of the front display which can let users see information such as notifications, time, weather, etc.

Filing date for the patent was July of 2017, and they were only recent published. It is unclear as to when the product is planned to be released.