In-Display Fingerprint Sensors by Vivo

Fingerprint scanners were revolutionary when they first started appearing on mainstream smart phones. Though they were inaccurate sometimes, over a period they were innovated and perfected to work at amazingly fast speeds with great accuracy. However, another innovation is currently taking place with smartphones, bezel-less displays. As the screen is taking up more space on the front of your phone, the physical buttons are being built into the display. However, fingerprint scanners are not your typical buttons. Companies have opted to move them to the back of the display, most notably Samsung, while company like Apple has decided to get rid of it this year with their iPhone X.

There must be a middle ground though, and that’s what Vivo has done.Vivo has opted in for a built in fingerprint scanner. Now the idea of a built-in fingerprint scanner isn’t new, in fact many companies have been toying with the idea for the past year or two, however Vivo is first company to publicly display and use this new technology.

The sensor only works with an OLED display currently, though that shouldn’t be much of an issue as most companies have transitioned from the typical LCD display to the OLED displays on their signature smartphones. However, the sensor IS barely visible when you tilt the phone at a slight angle while the display is turned off.

The response time is said to be around 0.7 seconds, which is relatively slower than other sensors at 0.2 seconds. Right now, the fingerprint scanner isn’t attached to a smartphone, in fact it’s only being shown for the technology. However, Vivo has said that it has plans to produce this in a device that WILL release.

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