Raven H, The Most Stylish Speakers Ever

The Raven H is a portable speaker with built-in AI that came from a collaboration between Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company, and Teenage Engineering, a Sweden based tech house. What sets apart the Raven H from its competitors is its visual style. The speaker boasts a color design with a detachable top panel that has a LED array to display simple status information. You can attach your top panel to a friend’s Raven H and use the device as if it were your own.

The AI within the device is capable of interacting with services like Baidu Music and iQiyi. Not only that, but it can also be used to control your smart TV after being connected. The device only supports Chinese voice input as for now, though it is possible that English support could come later.

Raven H is only available in China for a price around $260 USD. And it is certainly the most attractive yet tacky speaker you can buy right now.


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