Wireless Qi Charger by LXORY Powered b Lightning Cables

LXORY is the first company to release a wireless charger that can be plugged in using Apple’s Lightning cables.

Other wireless chargers utilize either USB-C, MicroUSB, or a proprietary port to be plugged in from the wall to the pad. However, LXORY has a gone a step ahead to also include an optional Lightning port that can be plugged into the charging pad to charge your phone. This makes it very convenient for iPhone owners as they don’t have to buy more cables than what comes with their phone in the box.

However, Lightning port is not the only port to be built into the device, as it also has the optional USB-A, USB-C, and Micro-USB ports. The pad can charge up to two devices at once, and one more using a wired cable. It has an output of 5W, so unfortunately it doesn’t support fast charging yet.

The price tag on this is $28.60, and it is important to note this is not yet Mfi certified.

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