MIDI Ring Performs Special Effects with Hand Gestures

Enhancia, a French company, has designed a ring that will perform certain musical effects based on specific finger movements while playing a keyboard. The concept has been in works for over a year and Enhancia is bringing it to Kickstarter in March.

The ring is to be worn on the index finger, is made out of a soft comfortable plastic to keep it lightweight. It communicates with a hub that is connected to the computer to allow it to program different movements with different sound effects. Not only that, it is also the standard method of charging the ring.

The ring comes with three effects already mapped by default. It will come in 7 different sizes of interchangeable ring bands for best fit. Analysts are estimating the price of one ring to be anywhere from $240-$360.

While this ring is primarily meant to be with the keyboard, the company has stated that it has plans for other features which can be utilized with other instruments.

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