Facebook to Prioritize Content from Friends over Ad Publishers

With the beginning of 2018, Facebook is working on improving the user experience when browsing the social media website by changing the news feed to show more content from friends, families, group etc over content from Ad publishers.

Zuckerberg mentioned in a Facebook post that this changed was informed by research that shows the well being of users is elevated when connected with their friends and families.

With around two billion users, this change can potentially affect the publishers a lot, specially those who rely on Facebook ads for marketing and promotion to reach out to people.

However, Mosseri, who overseas the News Feed, claims that this change shouldn’t affect ads in general and that Facebook still respects publisher content.

This is all in part of Facebooks grander plan to focus on quality of connections and content on its platform. Zuckerberg’s plan is to “fix” Facebook and make sure time is well spent.

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