Angee – Security Camera with Privacy Measures

One of the concerns that we face every day when interacting with our devices is our privacy. More and more devices are now capable of gathering information about the user through various means but not limited to the microphone, camera, web history, etc. With this growing concern, Angee is a device that aims to stand out from its competitors.

Angee is a home security camera that monitors your house when you leave, however its major selling point is its ability to rotate 360-degrees. This potentially allows the camera to turn and face the wall after you come back to protect your privacy. It tries to make the owner feel less uncomfortable with a camera monitor in his/her house pointed towards em.

This projected was crowd funded in 2015, and Angee says close to 1,300 people will be receiving their product in the next six weeks, with the initial release date of April 2016 that was delayed.

The final price of the product will be $349 when it launches on their website.

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