Electric SUVs With 50-inch Displays

BYTON is working on SUVs featuring 50-inch wide screens and gigabit networks that will offer many more capabilities to the driver than any other car on the road.

The SUV has integrated modems with a bandwidth of up to 1000 Mbit/s, along with Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi. The car has many features such as facial recognition, the ability to talk to the driver and to respond to hand gestures, not to mention the elephant in the room, the huge dashboard display spanning over 50 inches.

Alongside its smart capabilities; it features fast charging, providing up to 80% charge in only 30 minutes, which can get you at least to the range of 325 miles.

It has operations set up in China, Germany, and the USA, and production started in September 2017. Currently, the annual capacity is planned to be 100,000 EVs. BYTON plans on building three different models to give the buyer variety with their choice.

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