A $2.1 Billion AI Research Park Is Being Built In China

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in AI tech with the devices people use. And as technology around us is advancing, many nations have realized the importance of AI and its effects in various devices. One such nation to fund the research and further advance AI has been China

Zhongguancun Development group from China is developing a technology park that will host 400 companies. The park’s main focus is to work on developing areas such cloud computing, biometric identification, high-speed data, and deep learning.

The developer of the park will seek partnerships from various universities in China, and overseas, as well as research institutes and large companies. The government of China is investing $2.12 billion, with the expected revenue to be $7.7 billion per year.

The park is planned to be located in west Beijing, and construction will be complete in 5 years. It will cover 54.87 hectares.

With this initiative, China is aiming to be the world leader in AI. Not only that, China is already expected to surpass the US.

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